Moser Café Kultur, ( in Querétaro, Mexico has the brilliant idea to bring opera to people in Queretaro. (There is no opera to speak of, at all, in Querétaro, Mexico; but it seems that there are many opera lovers).

MCK is launching an Opera and Wine Lovers Club. The launch is now delayed…..(the only “Hiccup” in the biz plan was depending on local talent).

Don’t get me wrong, there is local opera talent in Querétaro, Mexico that has performed in the opera houses of Europe, and, studied at Julliard too.

However, the “picky” local talent that was programmed for the launch was only interested in “her concept of opera” and not “MCK’s innovative concept for presenting opera”, which is an “approachable” evening of popular opera tunes paired with wines.

Nice concept? – well YES!

A dear friend and colleague of mine, Lotfi Mansouri, spent his entire career “bringing opera to people and people to opera”.

He was innovative, creative and he challenged opera artists to adapt, (and those who did not accept the challenge, well, dear reader, I leave it to your imagination).

I learned a great deal from Lotfi Mansouri and his successes during his career of “bringing opera to people and people to opera” that included locations like tents, lakeside stages etc.

What I have to wonder about, out loud, is how this opera artist, (local talent), in a Patrimony City of Humanity with a great deal of culture, can be so absolutely insensitive and, well – just plain dense?

There is a saying in the “BIZ” – the show must go on and it will in September with “out of town opera artists” – (an Operalia 2010 winner); and this will be delightful.

MCK will go all-out to cultivate a local audience for the love of opera and wine, and, with time and patience, they will, perhaps, cultivate the local opera talent as well.

I say BRAVO to Moser Café Kultur for their courage in standing by their principles of professionalism and for not being pushed around by, in this case, insensitive local talent.