It was heartwarming for me to watch on CTV, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, unveil a magnificent statue in an everlasting tribute to the great Oscar Peterson.

As a Canadian, I am proud that our talented artists and performers are honored in such a distinguished manner.

The concert that followed this event touched my soul; it reminded me of those exciting “midnight” jam sessions conducted by the great Oscar Peterson, himself, at the Banff Centre for Arts during the summer session.

He was playing the “electric” keyboard while students, some members of the Canadian Brass played horns, trumpets, and other musicians on double bass and, oh ya, the sing-a-long too!

The cafeteria was “a jumpin Miz Molly – by golly” with the sound of joyous music. (Quite the breather from Mr. Mozart’s Don Giovanni), and, equally enthralling for all the students and faculty on a July night in Banff!

I was so very much impressed with Oscar Peterson’s humility, sincerity, and most of all, his resplendent talent.

I am blessed to have been there in Banff on that July evening, (or early morning – such as it was); thank you Mr. Oscar Peterson – you are, indeed, a Canadian treasure!

(Link courtesy of CTV News; you have to play through the commercial – it is worth it!)