In response to John McLachlan’s post “BC Arts Council Board: Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace” – I have this to say:

John, I agree with you.

Speaking out from a position of power you currently hold shows strength. Strength equals power.

And, the “powers that be”, minimally, do have to listen to you, for no other reason than they put you in this position of strength and power. (They, who put you there), may not “hear”, but, in my opinion,  engaging them, before taking a definitive action, is far better than not “engaging” them; (and so is speaking from a position of strength and power).

This recent action on the part of Ms. Danzo may be worthy of some applause, but, I think, (unfortunately), the “element of surprise”, in her resignation combined with her post resignation comments saying she that had been “thinking of doing this for sometime” effectively diminished any powerful impact she could have made. (Mixed messages are just that – mixed messages).

I have said this before, and I shall say it again: the incessant nattering – (all merited), is falling on deaf ears with the current Government of BC, and for that matter, it will be the same with a new government.

The current message from the Arts Community to the Government of BC is not new, has not changed, and it is clearly not working.

Perhaps now is the time to take a hard look at some successful models of “Long-term Partnerships and Philanthropy”, to move forward in a positive light. I for one am a great proponent of these kinds of partnerships – they work. (These models are not hard to find either).

By reaching out to the public in a positive manner and “engaging” them to attend all that the Arts Community has to offer, will, I believe, send a loud message – we mean “business”.  

We all know that governments all over the world listen to “business”, after all, “business” drums up a lot of votes.

I find the “argument” recently put forth by an audience member from the general public, (thank you member of the general public for speaking up!): “even the Cirque du Soleil is subsidized by sponsorship”, is not meaningful at all.

The Cirque du Soleil is a business that has a tremendously successful business model built on long term business partnerships.

Je vous invite Guy Laliberté à commenter – “même le Cirque du Soleil est subventionné par le mécénat d’entreprise”.

I invite Guy Laliberté to comment on – “even the Cirque du Soleil is subsidized by sponsorship”. I am confident that his “long term corporate partners” see their business relationship with his company in a very different light.

Moving onward and upward; positive engagement is the “cue” – enter stage right or left.

PS: The Mexican Concheros, (religious ritual dancers), use an armadillo shell for the sound box of their mandolin. They say that the armadillo reminds them to always move forward.