In response to Tom Durrie and John McLachlan

I recall, many years ago, at a “West Coast” Federal Government Cabinet meeting that I attended, (this was in the 1980’s), the topic of the day was the imminent doom of the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra.

All of the “typical” players, (Canada Council Music Section Head; Corporate Sponsor; Foundation funders; Provincial and City government representatives and the incoming/outgoing Presidents of the Board of the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra), were at the table.

Of note were the following comments, (as I recall):

“The grave is dug, just roll them into it”….

And – on a cheerier note: “Let’s have a party! Seagram’s can bring the champagne!”…

Was this tongue in cheek, absolutely NOT!

The result: The VSO did indeed pull itself up by its bootstraps and most visibly and vocally put their house in order.

There was a plan. (Indeed there were many plans; I wrote one of them).

Arts Advocacy is about planning, strategizing and collectively acting together; strategizing means, minimally, an open dialogue and communicating directly with stakeholders and constituents.

I believe the stakeholders are the general public and our current/future audiences.

BUT: the troops, (our stakeholders), need to have a plan; be rallied; be forearmed – this starts, I believe, with maximizing 100% capacity at all the events, performances, exhibitions, readings etc that the BC Arts Community has to offer.

So far there no leadership is coming from the BCAC….(I doubt that there will be, there is no “autonomous” mandate).

On my last blog post – I offer one potential model.

It is time to speak up with passion, dignity, honor, 

and U N I T Y!