In response to John McLachlan’s letter to the Honorable Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture: Kevin Krueger –


Well stated.

I propose a bold step forward: a “re-engineering” the BC Arts Council to reflect a professional “independent” body – with its own well-defined mandate; budget; and staffed with seasoned and experienced professionals who will tell the “whiners” to stop whining!!!!

Professionalism, experience, and demonstrated positive outcomes are required now.

Please, no more patronage appointments; there are more than a sufficient number of seasoned professionals with years of experience in the ARTS in BC, (and elsewhere), who have proven successes and will/can be leaders in policy and decision making to achieve positive outcomes for the entire BC Arts Community.

A few names come to mind: John McLachlan, Max Wyman, Norman Armour and Sean Bickerton; all who span several decades of professional service to/for the BC and International Arts communities.

Include in a few experienced government advocacy professionals, (outside the Arts community), and this will be the beginning of a much needed partnership. (I also have some names to suggest).