BC ART ATTACK: Interview with Headlines Theatre’s David Diamond www.rabble.ca

David Diamond – thank you for saying this out loud!

This, I believe is the first step, if/when, “Cultural Alliances” in the not for profit Arts and Culture industry sectors of BC intends to speak as a unified voice; and not just when cuts or no funding hits a specific sector of the not for profit Arts and Culture industry sector.

Arts and Culture, all over the world, and, specifically in BC, is a serious business; your company, Headlines Theatre, www.headlinestheatre.com  is a shining example.

Now, is the time for the not for profit Arts and Culture industry sectors in BC to step up to the plate and, at a minimum, collectively deliver its message to the general public as the corporate business community successfully delivers its message to the general public.

(By now you can see that I have no “truck” with the incessant whining I read from the Cultural Alliance organization(s); so far it, in my opinion, has not worked very well).

I am a product of the not for profit Arts sectors in BC and Canada. I am the President and CEO of a for profit cultural entertainment business that functions all over the world. My formative professional years were in Zurich, Switzerland, Vancouver and Toronto, Canada where I had four important mentors. Two of them still mentor me and my business today – except now in our business model we call it “coaching”.

From my perspective the not for profit BC Arts and Culture Industry sector might start by not using the term “grants” and educate the politicians that “grants” are not hand outs, and that they are economic development initiatives that can be supported and documented to create business, jobs and long term economic sustainability. This requires a business model, not, an artistic model. (Of course an artistic plan is a core part of an Arts and Culture strategic business plan).

One only needs to look at the successful business models in BC from the health industry sector, the film and internet game industry sectors, and communications industry sectors, (for example: Telus and Bell), to see how they lobby government and succeed in receiving all kinds of “stimulus”, economic development initiative money; and the list goes “on and on”, to create, sustain and grow their business.

It is ALL about lobbying; it is not just about advocacy and goodness knows there are a number of professional lobbyists of all ages in BC who are successful; they just do not understand what the message, or “IT” is coming from the not for profit Arts and Culture industry of BC. (And neither does the not for profit Arts and Culture sector, or, if they do, at best, there is no master strategic plan that anybody from this industry can articulate effectively).

Strategic partnerships work in business; otherwise, no corporation/business can survive, especially in this economic climate that can and does change at a blink of the eye!

I will appreciate getting to meet you in person – we think along the same lines. I am about solutions, positive outcomes and having the public in our court instead of not in/on the court at all; which, in my opinion, is the current state of affairs.

Thank you again for your frankness and your succinct and articulate presentation to the BC Standing Committee on Finance; I applaud you and thank you.

Susan C. Weiss

President and CEO

Mobile Productions GmbH