This is my response to Rebecca Coleman’s post on Social Networking


We met because I saw you on Facebook which led me to your Blog where I found and purchased your book about Social Networking.

I followed your advice in your book and I started my own Twitter account @susanopera and my Blog

Without Facebook and Twitter, La Fábrica, Contemporary Arts and Culture Centre in Queretaro, Mexico, (on Twitter @lafabricaorgmx) would not have even known about WTD 2010. (Well, I certainly did not, and thank you Rebecca for involving me in WTD 2010).

The Founder and Artistic Director, Alonso Barrera, (on Twitter @barerraalonso), of La Fábrica Contemporary Arts and Culture Centre in Queretaro, Mexico WAS NOT EVEN SURE HOW TO USE TWITTER before the success of his accepting to participate in WTD 2010 and then convincing another local Mexican theatre company of the value of participating and performing for free at La Fábrica to a SOLD OUT audience during WTD 2010.

Are Alonso Barrera, and now La Fábrica, benefitting and growing their local, and I dare say, national and international theatre audience by being on Face Book and Twitter?


Alonso just successfully cast his new musical WONDERLAND, (he wrote it, will direct it, and this world premiere will happen in April 2011), and where did he do this? ALL ON FACEBOOK AND TWITTER!

What an ingenious way to conjure up support and an ongoing contact with his audience!!! He also posted links on his and La Fabrica’s Twitter to announce the auditions and the results…..

La Fábrica will enthusiastically participate in WTD 2011 on March 27, and even add an “Opera” component ala “A Talent Search” at the Moser Café Kultur, hosted by the Opera and Wine Lovers Club that is launching in November. Now this is a partnership made in heaven – both businesses drive building audiences and support for the ARTs in Queretaro, Mexico.

It was for me and my husband a pleasure to meet you, Rebecca, and your delightful son Michael at the Granville Island Water Park in Vancouver, BC, Canada, (my home town), this summer, IN PERSON.

This would never, ever, have happened if FACEBOOK and TWITTER were not my lifeline to the rest of the world.

Once again, I say, “Yup, none of this would ever have come to pass without Facebook and Twitter”.

And really Aaron Sorkin – get a grip about Facebook and Twitter, (and not just on all the money you are raking in because Face Book exists so you can make a film about it!)


Was your appearance on the Colbert Report just a PR gimmick??? I wonder??? Does anybody else out there wonder???

Rebecca thanks for sharing such a joyful post!

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