Let’s start by asking ourselves, “What kind of Culture do we want?”

  • Think about this and build on your answer to this question.

Next, “What is a sustainable culture?”

  • Is it for instance:  
  • Creative
  •  Civil
  • Inclusive

Next, “Who are the stakeholders in a sustainable culture?”

Are these stakeholders, for instance:

  • Ordinary people like you and me
  • Only creative people
  • Our communities
  • Our cities
  • Our education institutions

Next, “Why have a sustainable culture?”

Does a sustainable culture for instance:

  • INSPIRE – Innovation
  • COMFORT – Humanity
  • CONNECT – Communities
  • SUSTAIN – Economies?
  • CREATE – Partnerships that cultivate positive outcomes

Next, “How do we have a sustainable culture?”

Is it presenting new and imaginative culture and art that is:

  • Entertaining
  • Culturally diverse
  • Wide-ranging
  • Instantly accessible
  • Forever – an historical record
  •  Presenting performing arts of all genres: Music, Opera, Dance, Theatre, Performance Art
  • Presenting the visual arts to a broad community: Art Gallery Openings, Visual Arts Installations, Performance Art, Children’s Art, Local Community Arts Center Activities
  • Presenting the written/spoken arts: Poetry readings, Book readings, Children’s literature, Indigenous literature

 Next, “How do we have a sustainable culture new frontier?”

Is it committing to a financial investment?; that will for instance:

  • Grow market share 
  • Create Partnership(s) with Small Business, Medium and Large Business, Industry
  •  Employ: wholesale solutions, strategic partnering, reach out to future consumers

Next, “The 100 mile cultural diet Challenge – achieving a sustainable culture the new frontier?”

Keeping one step ahead and creating the first ever sustainable culture in BC.

 On my blog over the next weeks I shall delve deeper into this challenge.

ARE YOU UP FOR THIS CHALLENGE? Please join me in this challenge and I invite you to participate by sending me your comments, suggestions and answers to the question I pose in this post: “What kind of Culture do we want?

PS: Sean Bickerton: You asked me on my Facebook page: Sustainable culture is the new frontier, isn’t it Susan? What does the 100 mile cultural diet look like? Now you have the first installment to ponder! I look forward to your input. Sean, thanking your for asking me the question!

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