Madame Minister: The tone of this statement in the Georgia Straight Newspaper, is defensive with an unfocussed point of view.

Your response is in an aggressive manner to the points made by the Alliance for Arts and Culture and the data from Statistics Canada.

Your message to the Arts and Culture community in BC is essentially:

  • That you should appreciate what you have received from funding sources from the BC Government
  • This represents a lot of funding. (And shut up about it, already)
  • There have been politically correct applications of the funding and that communities down to the smallest in BC have been recipients of the “Larder”

Your message is obviously a response to an attack and your offense position is to “shame the Arts and Culture community of BC for not appreciating this significant “largesse”.

Regarding your statement in the Georgia Straight Newspaper “I don’t think that they’re an accurate measure because of the way provinces report things, and the different circumstances in different provinces, for all sorts of reasons.” I ask: What are these all sorts of reasons Madame Minister?

Devoting funds to short term initiatives have only short terms results and do not generate long term income as return on community investment.

Madame Minister, where is the leadership to create a long range plan to identify investment in ARTS and CULTURE that has a permanent self-sustaining and self supporting outcome in and for BC?

I respectfully await your response, thank you.