A follow up on “The Argument of Supply and Demand” from Howard Jang, Executive Director, www.artsclub.com

Here is the link to Howard’s reply: http://blog.artsclub.com/2011/02/23/the-argument-of-supply-and-demand/

Here is my UPDATE:

Dear Howard,

Thank you for your comments about the issues I raised regarding aging audiences.

Just to add to my original comments, that my Aunt also conveyed to me, (she also brought this up, in detail); is the issue of the design of “audience chambers” – as you call them.

Her comments and recommendations were: “to add hand-rails where there are stairs in theatres”. (I personally saw her bend over to grab an arm rest to go up and down the stairs in the ARTS Club venues; before I could offer her my arm! Yes, she is “most independent minded” and a tall lady too!).

I know from personal experience that there are tastefully designed hand rails that could be installed, economically, at the entrance/exit of rows – especially in balcony seating.

And yes, sometimes, there are polite and kindly patrons who do offer their arm as an assistance, which, I know is appreciated, but, I am still reminded of “the independence” of my Aunt.

I am pleased that the ARTS Club is forward thinking in its future planning for the next ten years in what its audience will look like and the design accommodations in audience chambers.

Let’s continue the dialogue, and I look forward to doing so!