I really want to see MULRONEY THE OPERA http://www.mulroneytheopera.ca

A satire about the former prime minister hits the big screen next month. “Mulroney: The Opera” is billed as “a unique viewing experience for film, opera and political satire lovers.”

Rhombus Media – you have done it! You have hit an all time high note in Canadian opera on film! Niv, Larry and Barbara I congratulate you and salute you.

Now please contact me so we can do a “World Tour” in small to mid-size hockey arenas with a Live Show! (I only wish that Maureen Forrester was alive to host it).

WOW, this is one Canadian movie I can get behind/in front of.

BRAVISSIMO! Rhombus Media – http://www.rhombusmedia.com

Here is a link to a trailer: http://www.mulroneytheopera.ca/trailer1.html