WORLD THEATRE DAY 2011 – QUERETARO, MEXICO The festivities began at 5pm on March 27, 2011 and here is a round up:

El Yeitotol” Theatre piece by: Franco Vega – A beautiful play about: “Birds” with fantastic masks of all shapes, materials and kinds of birds. The simple set with many colorful props, “artesania” birds and costume accessories delighted young and older people in the audience; wonderful to see a play dedicated to children and families. “El Yeitotol” will have a run during the month of June on the main stage – foro principal so please check out for performance dates and times. (Here is a great opportunity for families to see theatre for young people being performed in Queretaro).

Mirando a la pared” (“Looking at the wall”) Performance by: Daniel Álvarez – took place on the patio outside at La Fabrica. This short one person theatre piece – without words, and executed with determination, sweat and exhaustion both physical and mental. Daniel held the audience – “spellbound” as he built a wall! Check out

Daniel has an ambitious project to employ new communication technologies – Facebook and Twitter to bring La Fabrica’s and other Queretaro theatre to the forefront partnering with communication technology companies in Queretaro. Stay tuned!

Wonderland” a World Premiere Musical by: Alonso Barrera and Madame Recamier – Work in progress. Open rehearsal of “Wonderlandelmusical”- this is certainly the year for Wonderland(s) – on Broadway; the Royal Winnipeg Ballet and “Wonderlandelmusical” world premiere in Queretaro at La Fabrica

The sneak preview was fascinating and it was wonderful to have the creators Alonso Barrera!/barreraalonso and Madame Recamier participating in #WTD11.

Be sure to look for the world premiere in May 2011 at La Fabrica in Queretaro.

A very special thank you to Sylvia and Philipp of Moser Cafe Kultur for their second year participating at #WTD11. They have a most successful Cafe and cultural happenings – expanded by adding 10 more tables in just one year. We all appreciate this Swiss/Mexican couple who value and support the theatre!

That’s a wrap for #WTD11 from Queretaro, Mexico and look for photos and videos being posted today and tomorrow on Facebook, Twitter and

Hasta @WTD12 – y felicidades teatrotinos!