March 31, 2011

Honourable Minister Ida Chong:

I appreciate that you have extended the courtesy to me of a personal response to my email, (forwarded to you by MLA Jane Thornthwaite); thank you very much!

I am also delighted to know you as an arts and culture advocate. We both understand the contribution that arts and culture make to a vibrant society.

Moving forward I shall continue to collaborate/coordinate with MLA Jane Thornthwaite, North Vancouver-Seymour, (who I know is also a strong advocate for our community arts and culture programs), in sharing my thoughts and ideas to shape new ways to create self supporting, sustainable arts and culture programs into the future that move beyond simple grants. 

All I request of you, Honourable Minister Ida Chong, is that you listen carefully in the background to ideas that MLA Jane Thornthwaite may bring to you as a result of our collaboration, and, to act, as I know that you will, to conscientiously engage in a dialogue with her, and later myself if you so desire.

In the meantime, you have

my kindest regards,

Susan C. Weiss

Cc: MLA Jane Thornthwaite, North Vancouver Seymour

Cc: Premier Christy Clark