I started to write this Blog post about the last chapter in Lotfi Mansouri’s book: An Operatic Journey http://is.gd/cvNbQ that is about commissioning and presenting NEW contemporary operas.

Lotfi Mansouri has written most passionately, eloquently and at times, humourously, about the importance of introducing contemporary opera to audiences.

What struck me, after reading this chapter, is that bringing new operas to all audiences is really about having the courage, guts, and at times, naivety to “just do it!”

Mansouri is quite succinct in describing the process, joys, tears and traumas he survived in his quest to bring opera, new opera, to all audiences.

Sadly, I am really so sad, to say here that we must now remember Mexican composer, DANIEL CATÁN, as he passed away last Friday, far too soon.

Daniel was a visionary, and, in my opinion, a great composer of contemporary opera; and a wonderful human being.

Here, in his own words, are his thoughts about bringing contemporary opera to audiences: young, old, indifferent and supportive:


Daniel, rest well and rest in peace.

Daniel Catán descanse en paz.