Another one bites the dust!

Like so many Vancouverites, in the cultural community, I too am heartbroken at the demise of the Pantages Theatre!

But more than that, I am pissed, because our Vancouver City Council can lose anywhere from between $50M and $250M on an Olympic Village complex then turnaround and kill a theatre that can be gutted, then gleaming and operational, for anywhere between $50M to $250M. (Closer to the $50M side)

The Pantages Theatre is, (now was), a cornerstone of “OUR VANCOUVER“.

Renewed, revived and running the Pantages Theatre could have added to a vibrant culture; created many jobs, and I repeat, culture = jobs, in Canada’s poorest postal code.

A vibrant theatre culture makes for a vibrant City.

Why? And, what is so hard to understand about a theatre that creates a vibrant city?

Really, what a load of crap; for shame Mayor Robertson et al @Vancouver City Council for letting this happen!

RIP: Pantages Theatre.

PS: A big THANK YOU to all the valiant Vancouverites in their efforts to save the Pantages Theatre!