Artec Consultants score another hit with the new Symphony Concert Hall in Montreal.

Finally, for the OSM, the 77 year wait is over and a new hall – dubbed the “shoebox” will make its debut in September 2011.

At 2100 seats composers like Haydn, Mozart and Bach will receive an intimate hearing and view from the audience. The last row of seats is a mere 75 feet from the stage.

Of note for Vancouver, BC’s proposed The Concert Hall Complex is the engineering treatment – “It is in shoebox form, built as an independent shell inside the surrounding buildings of the arts center and resting on rubber pads, all to reduce outside sounds from the nearby subway and traffic”. Surely for the proposed Concert Hall Complex in Vancouver this is an important consideration if a concert hall is to be underground.

According to the OSM – “the hall’s backers say it is only right for a major city with a major orchestra to have a dedicated concert hall.”

Now, if only, the BC Government and The Vancouver City Government can come together to fund the Concert Hall Complex.

Is anybody listening in BC and Vancouver? A vibrant city thrives on a vibran culture!

OSM – Félicitations et bonne chance!