Dear Premier Christy Clark:

Please help, if you will and can, move along the appointment of the Commissioner to review the gaming grants guidelines and infrastructure, specifically related to arts and culture not for profits in BC.

The Vancouver Children’s Festival is the latest one hit hard; and soon to be a casualty.

Once these kinds of organizations fail, based on their belief and planning in decent and consistent government funding, and then this decent and consistent government funding also fails them, (in the case of the VICF at the last possible minute), they never, almost never, are resurrected.

This, in the case of the Vancouver Children’s Festival; truly a “Families First” organization that most deserves not to fail.

Timing is everything and now is the time to move forward.

I appeal to you, Premier Clark, to stick to, and, act upon your words, (during your campaign to become the leader of the BC Liberal Party), to restore arts and culture funding in BC to 2008 levels; this will also be a good start.

Thank you for listening and please take action now.


Susan Weiss