Let the music adventure begin!I am a “jumpin” for JOY!

For a joyous sound of music.

For the the joy that music brings to our souls!

The VSO School of Music is unveiled in Vancouver, Canada, and it is open for classes starting in the fall of 2011.

WOW, they are looking at “distance learning”, reaching out to people all over British Columbia; this is even more fantastic…this is the “here and now” and the future for our next generations of musicians, singers and performers in all kinds of genres in music and new audiences too.

“The VSO School of Music is dedicated to providing the most rewarding music education experience possible to students of all ages and abilities. We offer the highest quality of music instruction, in an environment that is positive, engaging, warm, supportive and flexible.”

Please take a look at this link http://www.vsoschoolofmusic.ca/ and for goodness sakes – get involved and experience the joy of music!

Congratulations to all involved in this venture and let the music adventure begin!

PS: I can’t wait to get home to visit, support and take part in the activities at the new VSO School of Music…..