More on the demise of the New York City Opera.

This, to me, is so, so, sad, and the “Fat Persons” sing on and on – without a notes, tunes, and vision!!!

I have to wonder out loud what the BIG $$$$ donors to the renovation of the State Theater are thinking now that the  New York City Opera is moving out of the renovated theater?

For a nano opera second, just suppose that this is a clever “tactic” to get the Mayor of New York City to help out with rental costs for the New York City Opera to stay at the renovated State Theater…I wonder????

And yes, opera can and is be performed, successfully, at a variety of venues all over the world; (not just in the Big Apple, either).

Perhaps the wizards at New York City Opera might contemplate the first ever “Virtual Opera Company” in the USA. I am up for talking to them about this forward thinking idea.

Kathryn Velvet Jones of perhaps your actor’s perspective on your successful venture(s) including Live Streaming plays on the internet is a jumping off point. (Something for you to ponder….not that you don’t already have “enuff” to ponder on!)