Here is the face of Federal Government funding for SummerWorks Festival in Canada going “bye-bye”....

Maybe, just, maybe there is an opportunity here and time to put on our collective thinking caps.

I’m thinking more strategic partnerships because this national majority “political” party thinking is going to be around for a few years!

Here is my challenge to the Crowd Sourcing Industry in Canada:

How about a collective effort to raise funds and long term investments to support emerging, gifted and talented writers, playwrights, and producers to support new theatre works?

How about a “New Philanthropy” model to move funding creativity out of the political arena and into the audience and corporate culture arena?

How about attracting “Venture Capital” based on an evaluation that is realistic, and, at the same time gives a reasonable ROI?

Is anyone listening, interested and supportive of these questions out there?

I am, so please join me – and let’s not keep going down a path of “veiled” threats from politicians to the very being of our culture and humanity – communication, for starters.