Hmm – is this a Cultural Revolution going on?

Or is it a Social Revolution going on?

Or is it both at the same time?

I can think of a country further SOTB from Vancouver, Canada, where both have been and are still going on it at the same time.

And, the artists, arts and culture, somehow, call it “Mexican ingenuity”, are still making their art and culture happen and be seen.

I suppose, as in this country, further SOTB from Vancouver, Canada, when you receive, proportionately speaking, in a global sense, little funding, you have to “make do”.

Creativity and productions are still alive and well, and thriving at La Fabrica

And, with a brilliant actor, enterprising communicator in theatre, writer..(in English and Spanish)

I applaud and support both of them! For their passion, determination, ingenuity and creativity!

In the bigger picture, how/why/what did we, (NOTB), not do in educating the current “political” culture about the passion and sustenance that arts and culture contributes to a civil society?

For starters, NOTB, we took arts and culture out of our schools starting some 3 decades ago; diminisheing the importance of arts and culture in our human fabric; this is what is chilling!

And so, so, very sad.