About three or four years ago, George Bell, classical music man about town in San Miguel de Allende, cultural capital of Guanajuato, expressed, (what at the time), I thought was a wonderful idea of
how to involve the young people of Mexico in music – “SUZUKI” method for guitar.

(George is one of the founders of the San Miguel Allende Chamber Music Festival; a former classical violinist, and, a champion of the Suzuki string method).

Now that music classes in the school system, during classroom academic time, have all but disappeared, I concurred with George.

What a brilliant idea!

Here’s why:

  • Mexico is known and world renowned for guitar instrument making
  • Mexico is world renowned for its guitar playing and players, (probably only second to the trumpet)
  • Mexican folkloric music is rooted, historically, to and with the guitar

And, last but not least,

  • Mexico has an abundance of guitar teachers to inspire the next generations

Now we have the Cha Sun Chong et al Kindergarten to thank for what may be a new movement in guitar playing.

(They are pretty darn good too!; in my humble opinion).

Take it away and play us on and out…Cha Sun Chong!