This is a riveting question, and, it is resonating all over the world; governments, artists, arts and culture managements and executives, foundations, patrons, and audiences alike are in a conundrum….

In all my years in the arts and culture industry, I have, forever, watched arts and culture not for profits “go on the defensive”, and in doing so they have failed miserably to make a positive in-road.

Tony Poderis has stated a remedy, in my opinion, most succinctly: “I believe the answer is to stop defending the arts. That what we need to do is step out of the defensive posture our critics would force us into. We need to start asserting the value of the arts with some questions of our own.”

I agree with Tony Poderis 100+%.

Here is a link to the rest of his article.

Read it; reflect on it; and for goodness sake:


No time like the present!