Here is the triple fiscal whammy that the BC Minister of Finance faces after the defeat of the HST in BC and the costs of returning to the PST system:

  1. A direct loss of revenues
  2. Combined with an obstacle to needed growth
  3. Combined with no demonstrable public appetite for increasing other taxes

As Skip Triplett, the independent reviewer, appointed by Premier Christy Clark, for BC Community Gaming Grants winds up its public hearing process on September 17, 2011 perhaps this is the time to make positive statements, with positive solutions, that might result in positive outcomes for the future of BC Community Gaming Grants funding in BC.

This is a time in BC, where, from my humble perch, I see lots of people still purchasing lottery tickets, (and winning too); lots of people still going to the races; and the Casinos are still relatively holding their own; all of which means there are still revenues, tax revenues, coming into the BC Government controlled “Gaming” coffers.

I shall participate in the review process with a 5 minute oral presentation on September 16 at approximately 5.05 pm at the:

Vancouver Renaissance Vancouver Harbourside Hotel

1133 West Hastings St., Vancouver

8:30 a.m. to noon

1 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. (obviously going longer than 5 pm!)

I encourage people to attend these hearings, minimally, to show interest in this review and in doing so, by simply a show of sheer numbers of warm bodies attending, make a statement toward positive change.

I also encourage people to look at the Website and follow Skip Triplett on Twitter – his handle is @skiptriplett and his latest, (of many good posts), is:

For those of you not attending in Vancouver here is a link to my presentation: (but you cannot hear the audio in this version because the audio in the original PowerPoint presentation will not load in “slideshare…”)

All comments are welcome; thank you!