BRILLIANT! This is sustainability in the arts in action!

Oregon residents may be eligible for a unique tax credit if they have donated to an arts and culture group.

If a resident [donated] to arts and culture group by December 31st and [matched] that donation to Oregon Cultural Trust, they qualify for a dollar for dollar tax deduction. The eligible non-profits include public broadcasting groups, museums and performing arts groups.

Ellen Singer from Eugene was a donor this year and therefore will get her money back. She told NewsSource 16 that it really is a win-win because you end up giving something that is free for you, but betters the community and state.

Nearly 500,000 people statewide are involved in arts and cultural programs. “The Oregon Cultural Trust exists to ensure the future of the arts in Oregon which is good for everybody. It’s good for kids, it’s good for adults, and it’s good for industry.

Really, it’s not costing you anything to make that gift to the Oregon Cultural Trust but it does result in you getting a double tax deduction,” Singer said. An individual can donate up to $500 dollars or as a couple, $2,000 dollars.