If you read Lois Dawson’s Blog  (and you should start now if you don’t); from the video clip on her Blog, http://www.loisbackstage.com The Last Days of Judas Iscariot is going to be an AWESOME show.

What an amazing cast!

What a phenomenal play: “[The Last Days] makes most contemporary plays seem safe, timid and dull, and reminds us of what is missing not only from 99 per cent of our drama but from 99 per cent of our lives – a sense of spirituality and of mystery.” 

– The Telegraph

So all you folk in YVR hurry up, get off your butts, and BUY tickets to this show.

Here’s where to do so: http://www.thecultch.com/content/view/251/353/

Lois, cast and all at the Cultch – here’s wishing everyone the best for a super show!