Saturday April 7, 21012

12.30 Meet-up at Casa Carly A beautiful place! Friendly folk; (friendly on the pocket book too!) I especially love the pool – my style! And, breakfast is the most important meal of the day – best cranberry scones ever!

13.00 Walk-about in the Centro Histórico of San Miguel – the Jardín – Main Square and Plaza – “puro Mexicano

15.00 Walk-about is making me thirsty! Taking a break at:

16.00 Walk-about continuesmore San Miguel scenes

19.30 – 03.00 – VENUS LOUNGE

The “best” and most happenin’ place to be in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Excellent, excellent, Thai cuisine, the REAL DEAL; Rod is a fantastic chef and hostess!

Andrei Krylov, who lives in Ontario, Canada, (on vacation in San Miguel), played his farewell concert on Sat. April 7, 2012. Andrei is a super talented artist/composer. Repertoire for classical guitar; flamenco, fusion jazz and gypsy guitar, (some of his own compositions). Next in Ottawa, Canada at the Hotel Chateaux Laurier, a must see and hear!

OMG! 01.30 (still at VENUS LOUNGE), in walks – en masse the San Luis Potosi biker club! (Told ya this is the happenin’ place to be in SMA!)

Great to meet Blanca Betancourt; fabulous conversation with Tamo Tuma, Adriana, Rod – karma, shamans – “life is good!”

Next time for me in San Miguel – Cañada de la Virgen and the Mesoamerican Pyramid

Easter Sunday April 8, 2012

Life’s a beach, (or pool), back at Casa Carly

12.00 – 13.00 La pièce de la résistanceEaster Sunday and “The Firing of the Judases” – an Easter Sunday tradition in San Miguel de Allende, (and all over Mexico).

Here is some background on this Mexican tradition: “Big, brightly colored six-foot-high figures of papier maché and crepe paper are strung on ropes across Calle San Francisco on the north side of the Jardín. Although they are meant to represent the hated betrayer of Christ, Judas Iscariot, nowadays they are more comical characters and effigies of unpopular politicians and other authority figures. Fireworks are wrapped around the waists of these hapless fellows (and the odd female, too). Finally, with a great bang a Judas explodes, then another and another. Arms and legs go flying in every direction.

Kids (and adults, too) scramble on the cobblestones to pick up the pieces, like children grabbing at the candies that fall from a piñata.

It’s a point of pride to go home with a papier maché arm, a leg, or—if you are quick and really lucky—a ghoulishly disembodied head.”

13.00 – 14.00 Recovery from all the noise, smoke and great fun! Easter bonnet to boot!

And, a San Miguel Cutie!

15.00 – 17.00 Easter Brunch

The Restaurant with Tamo and Rod  – heavenly roasted lamb! Shrimp cocktail deelish!

Ain’t Cultural Tourism just GRAND!!! 

Adios from San Miguel de Allende – hope to see you here soon!