The content of this link more than irks me; it makes me angry.

Michael Morreale on Twitter @18mm and or his team, either can’t draw pie charts correctly; OR, and more to my point, don’t ask the right questions of the people who are in the know.

Case in point, Maestro Bramwell Tovey, Music Director of the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra.

I quote Maestro Bramwell Tovey’s most recent tweets:

2014/15 VSO 28 solo opportunities (excl choral&pops), 16men, 10women and 2tbd.

@BramwellTovey: .@VSOrchestra is waiting for @18mrm @CBCMusic apology for fake statistics & lack of diligence in plagiarized article.

Personally, I, as a female cultural entrepreneur, visionary, and a creative in the performing arts, find the comments about “shocking female gender gap” by Michael Morreale @18mm in his article, demeaning and, pathetic.

I ask the leadership, in critical journalism at CBC Music: Where is your journalistic oversight? Where is your fact checking?

And, when is Michael Morreale @18mm going to publicly apologize to the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra, its Music Director, Bramwell Tovey, its audience and donors?

I’m asking and waiting….

Susan C. Weiss