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First off the opera spectrum, I think Mori’s comment: “Opera has the best chance out of all the performing arts to engage those new audiences, because it’s at the extreme end of the live performance spectrum.” is misleading.

“Extreme end” of What? Why? How?

Really? What about all the #FringeFestivals that also present the performing arts? Mori, you need to expand your spectrum view of the all live performing arts, #getagrip!

IMO, ALL the performing arts have the chance to engage new audiences; and they do, on a grand scale.

Here are a few who are actively engaging new audiences in big numbers and adding new revenue streams too!:

Margaret, I know TO thinks it is the classical music hub of Canada, and, (IMO it most likely is).

BUT, for Canadian #IndieOpera companies you might explore: #CowtownOpera, Calgary; #CityOperaVancouver and #VancouverOpera – Opera Train and World Premiere of #StickBoy (Just a few other suggestions, because you asked.)

We in the #IndieLivePerformingArts in the west of Canada get just a bit bent out of shape when we are, more often than not, left out of the #Indie scene being written about by bloggers in TO, Canada.

Margaret, thanks for the post and bringing to light #IdieOpera in Toronto, Canada