Premier Christy Clark, are you the problem, or, the solution?



My take away from Premier Christy Clark’s “Mandate Letter” to BC Minister of Education, Peter Fassbender:

And excerpts from: )

“Clark’s letter kicks off the next round in the education debate by attempting to frame collective bargaining as the issue, not adequate funding for education.”

“Clark seems committed to invest less in public schools“……

“She needs to deflect the issue, especially if she can do this while discrediting the public education system’s greatest advocates – its teachers.”

“It’s time for Christy Clark to focus on public education, not weakening the present collective bargaining system.”

“The BCTF has time and again conducted itself within the system”:

Respecting the rule of law, following essential service levels, bargaining in good faith,”

“And focusing on doing what’s needed to defend the interests of students, teachers, and the community at large.”

“It’s time for government to recognize the value of tension and share power in a pluralistic democracy.”

“It’s time for government to bargain in good faith”

“And to get real about reaching a fair and reasonable agreement that meets the needs of BC’s students and families through quality public education for all.”

In my honest and humble opinion, it is our Public Schools and our Public Education that holds our province, British Columbia, and our nation, Canada, together.