This statement is trifle on your part: “Just like all recording technologies that have come before us, live-streaming is simply another way to capture and distribute an artistic experience. It does not capture the thrill of being physically present (you can’t feel the vibe in a room on a screen), nor can the recording capture the unspoken interactions between audiences and performers.”
Where were you during the VirtualArtsTV #WiredArtsFestival when thousands commented globally about their positive experiences of capturing “the unspoken interactions between audiences and performers.” as they watched many artistic, political and worldly events live streamed to their iPhones, iPads, Macs and various other Android devices from the live shows venue.

Well, BEMUSED, you certainly weren’t there; or even perhaps at a Berlin Philharmonic concert live streamed globally; or for that matter, all the European operas currently live streaming globally.

What about an American theater company that is dedicated to live streaming plays? (You might try and find this company)

And, NO, please do not come and experience my work created specifically for live stream, globally, in front of a live audience, who can also watch on a device during/at the live world premiere in the venue.

Your statement as I quoted, above, and in your as yet not moderated, comments: IMHO, is simply outrageous.