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Michael Kaiser,

I concur with the last sentence of your post

“Wouldn’t the future of the arts in America be brighter if we dedicated our efforts to creating more and better art rather than bigger and fancier buildings?”

It is a burning question; and “build it, and, they will come”, IMO, is no longer relevant.


Adding to this, #IndieOpera is leading the way in presenting Opera in venues other than the “palaces” you mention; such as #divebars, parks, barges on lakes, rivers, city streets, farmers markets, train stations and the list goes on.

Start-Ups for live streaming such as is actively striving to connect the performing arts to people globally.

Just another example that compliments going to a movie theatre to see the performing arts live, delayed, simulcast etc.

And certainly less expensive than building a new state of the art #ArtsPalace too.

Thank you for this post!

PS: We still need the live performing arts to thrive; and in existing #ArtsPalaces too! Without the live performing arts there will be nothing to beam up to a #VirtualArtsCommunity wherever, whatever and whoever they may be.

Now, bring on the discussion! Keep it nice, please and ThankYou!


I’m excited to announce I’ve just joined as Director, International WiredArts Fest and Virtual Arts Community.

VirtualArts.TV is a leading New York-based company that live streams the performing arts, globally; founded by Kathryn Velvet Jones, who created and presented the first ever WiredArts Fest in March 2013, attracting 60,000 unique viewers from all over the world.

I am particularly impressed by Kathryn’s creativity, entrepreneurship and her brilliance as an actress in Abstract Nude, prominently featured in the world premier WiredArts Fest 2013.


Check out the team at:

And download the fantastic APP to see more about the WiredArts Fest live from New York City!

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