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This statement is trifle on your part: “Just like all recording technologies that have come before us, live-streaming is simply another way to capture and distribute an artistic experience. It does not capture the thrill of being physically present (you can’t feel the vibe in a room on a screen), nor can the recording capture the unspoken interactions between audiences and performers.”
Where were you during the VirtualArtsTV #WiredArtsFestival when thousands commented globally about their positive experiences of capturing “the unspoken interactions between audiences and performers.” as they watched many artistic, political and worldly events live streamed to their iPhones, iPads, Macs and various other Android devices from the live shows venue.

Well, BEMUSED, you certainly weren’t there; or even perhaps at a Berlin Philharmonic concert live streamed globally; or for that matter, all the European operas currently live streaming globally.

What about an American theater company that is dedicated to live streaming plays? (You might try and find this company)

And, NO, please do not come and experience my work created specifically for live stream, globally, in front of a live audience, who can also watch on a device during/at the live world premiere in the venue.

Your statement as I quoted, above, and in your as yet not moderated, comments: IMHO, is simply outrageous.


VSO New Music Festival is live!.


That’s all!

Michael Kaiser,

I concur with the last sentence of your post

“Wouldn’t the future of the arts in America be brighter if we dedicated our efforts to creating more and better art rather than bigger and fancier buildings?”

It is a burning question; and “build it, and, they will come”, IMO, is no longer relevant.


Adding to this, #IndieOpera is leading the way in presenting Opera in venues other than the “palaces” you mention; such as #divebars, parks, barges on lakes, rivers, city streets, farmers markets, train stations and the list goes on.

Start-Ups for live streaming such as is actively striving to connect the performing arts to people globally.

Just another example that compliments going to a movie theatre to see the performing arts live, delayed, simulcast etc.

And certainly less expensive than building a new state of the art #ArtsPalace too.

Thank you for this post!

PS: We still need the live performing arts to thrive; and in existing #ArtsPalaces too! Without the live performing arts there will be nothing to beam up to a #VirtualArtsCommunity wherever, whatever and whoever they may be.

Now, bring on the discussion! Keep it nice, please and ThankYou!

The content of this link more than irks me; it makes me angry.

Michael Morreale on Twitter @18mm and or his team, either can’t draw pie charts correctly; OR, and more to my point, don’t ask the right questions of the people who are in the know.

Case in point, Maestro Bramwell Tovey, Music Director of the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra.

I quote Maestro Bramwell Tovey’s most recent tweets:

2014/15 VSO 28 solo opportunities (excl choral&pops), 16men, 10women and 2tbd.

@BramwellTovey: .@VSOrchestra is waiting for @18mrm @CBCMusic apology for fake statistics & lack of diligence in plagiarized article.

Personally, I, as a female cultural entrepreneur, visionary, and a creative in the performing arts, find the comments about “shocking female gender gap” by Michael Morreale @18mm in his article, demeaning and, pathetic.

I ask the leadership, in critical journalism at CBC Music: Where is your journalistic oversight? Where is your fact checking?

And, when is Michael Morreale @18mm going to publicly apologize to the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra, its Music Director, Bramwell Tovey, its audience and donors?

I’m asking and waiting….

Susan C. Weiss

Should the CBC be using government money to compete with commercial live streaming entities in Canada?

And, is the solution, as one commercial entity suggests, that the CBC only live stream Canadian content?

Hmmmm….I have to wonder then what is Canadian content going to be defined as?

For example: a Canadian rock, hip hop, blues or techno artist sings a “non-Canadian” penned tune and gets the performance of the tune live streamed on CBC because he is a Canadian artist, it begs the question, does this make the grade as “Canadian” enough for the commercial live streaming entities?

You decide….

Read on (from Macleans Magazine penned by Colby Cosh


Best news I’ve heard all year so far:” from Canadian Soprano Simone Osborne

The Toronto District School Board unveils inner city vocal academy

Toronto Star Music Critic, John Terauds, writes about this forward thinking and, in my opinion, well thought out music education initiative.

WOW, I am impressed and this is the best news I have heard in 40 years!

So Vancouver School Board – listen up and take a cue from the Toronto District School Board.

After all Canadian Soprano Simone Osborne’s hometown is Vancouver! Think about all the possible collaborations!

This is so exciting Toronto School District – you have certainly hit the high note! BRAVO!

And just for your info and delight follow Canadian Soprano Simone Osborne on Twitter: soprano currently spending her days and nights singing with the Canadian Opera Company

"the show must go on!"

With profound sadness, and, an enormous sense of loss, I recall his words, “you know, the show must go on!”

David Y.H. Lui touched so many of us; he inspired us; he encouraged us to follow our dreams and aspirations in the arts.

He was passionate about the arts being a part of the curriculum in our schools.

He was passionate about bringing the arts to people and people to the arts.

David, you brought so much joy to so many people, simply, thank you.

Mr. David Y.H. Lui – may your show go on, in peace, rest well.

My good friend Daniel at Traffic Onstage in Queretaro, Mexico shared this with me: (you can see the photo display on this link)

A penitentiary transformed into an multi-purpose Arts Centre by the State Government of San Luis Potosi, Mexico.

Most forward thinking, in my opinion; and I understand the State Government invested around 30M USD.

Here is link to the Arts Centre in English:

Check it out; it is a stunning complex and fantastic offerings for the arts in many different disciplines.

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